Balinese Civet Coffee is Promoted to China

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika introduced luwak (civet) coffee to the Vice Governor of Hainan, Chen Zhi Rong. It was delivered when he received the Chinese officials at his office on Monday.

Karo Bali Government Public Relations and Protocol Drs Ketut Teneng in Denpasar on Tuesday, said that the arrival of the officials group from Hainan Province was to explore cooperation with the Provincial Government of Bali.

The Governor’s guest, he said, greatly appreciated Bali Government offers, including bids on civet coffee delivered by Pastika. “They did come to Bali to explore economic cooperation with Bali,” said Teneng.

Bali and Hainan provinces are from two different countries that are members of the Inter Island Tourism Policy (ITOP) Forum. Both provinces had also been cooperating in the field of tourism and explore enhanced cooperation in the economic field.

“Bali has many agricultural products in the form of fresh fruits and processed products that could be sold in China especially Hainan,” said Governor Pastika.

He said that even though agricultural trade between Indonesia and China has been done in a particular cooperation still needs to be.

To follow up on the cooperation plan, the Vice Governor of Hainan invites Provincial Government of Bali to visit Hainan. Vice Governor of Hainan is also invited Provincial Government of Bali to participate in agricultural fair to be held in Hainan on December 12 to 16 December.

Hainan is one of the international tourism destinations, which is supported by advanced and modern facilities. Though only consist of an island of Hainan, Hainan has a 300 km railway track linking one region to another. Hainan has two international Airports, which is visited by 30 million tourists every year.

With the good cooperation between Bali and Hainan, said Teneng, it is expected that tourists who come to Hainan can be recommended to visit Bali. Similarly, cooperation in the field of agriculture is expected to be able to increase the export and import of agricultural products between the two provinces.

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