Investments to Bali Reach Rp28.78 Trilion


The government of Bali Province recorded the total investments revenue to Bali until the third quarter of 2013 is Rp28.78 trillion that is dominated by investments on tourism and infrastructure.

“With that amount of investments, we expect that it could support the growth of economy in Bali. This year, it is targeted that the growth of economy in Bali reaches 6.7 percent,” said the Chair of Economy and Development Bureau of Bali Province Gde Suarjana in Denpasar, on Thursday.

He stated that from the total of Rp28.78 trillion of investment revenue, some come from private sector (Rp16.65 trillion), foreign and in house investment (Rp6 trillion) and government (Rp6,13 trillion).

“The investment from government that is Rp6.13 trillion could be seen from capital spending, Rp3.32 trillion from the national budget (APBN), Rp719 billion from Provincial budget and Rp2.08 trillion from regional budget. While investment from private sector could be seen from the amount of investment credit,” he said after delivering the result of evaluation on Bali Province development program up to the third quarter of 2013.

The investment on tourism and infrastructure, he said, reach 60 percent of the total investment revenue.

Only a small part of the investment is directed to the agriculture sector widely, which targets husbandry and fishery.

“Investment in the fishery sector is like providing fishing vessel with a large capacity to motivate the fishermen and provide double function to improve the production,” he said.

Suarjana didn’t deny that although agriculture become the main priority of development in Bali, however investors are more interested in the tourism sector so that the agriculture one is put aside.

“In the future, the step that needs to be done to encourage agriculture sector is by establishing agriculture infrastructure, preparing agriculture technology as well as marketing the agricultural products,” said Suarjana.

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