The Government of Bali Province Develops 100 Tourism Villages


The government of Bali province made a program of developing a hundred culture-based tourism villages. The development of those tourism villages aims to add tourist destination, make the region development equal and encourage economy in the village level in Bali.

“The government of Bali plans the program of developing 100 tourism villages in Bali development program, specifically in tourism field for the next four years. This is to develop the tourist destination in Bali,” said the head of Tourism Department of Bali Province, Ida BagusSubhiksu in Denpasar, on Tuesday.

Subhiksu took example on the existence of Penglipuran tourism village in Bangli regency and Munduk tourism village in Buleleng regency that have been well-known by tourists.

Penglipuran village in Bangli regency, for example, is determined as tourism village since 1995. Penglipuran village has village panorama, comfort, traditional architecture and tidy village zone arrangement. The beautiful panorama and people activities also become the attractions in Munduk, Buleleng.

Furthermore, Subhiksu stated that the development program of tourism village in Bali also synergy with the national program from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

The development of tourism villages in Bali, according to Subhiksu also gets the support from Independent Community Empowerment National Program (PNPM Mandiri). Meanwhile, until the end of September, Bali had been visited by 2.4 million tourists. The number of tourist arrival is close to the target of tourist arrivals in 2013, about 3.1 million people.

In relation to that matter, Subhiksu said that he is optimist to be able to achieve the target. In a normal condition, the average tourist arrival is 250,000 people per month.

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