Badung to Ban Students to Bring Mobile Phone


Department of Education, Youth and Sports Badung regency, Bali, ban elementary and junior high school students to bring a cell phone to school in anticipation of the abuse of advanced technology toward the students.

“The ban is done when students first entering the school directly accompanied by their parents,” said the Head of Department of Education, Youth and Sports Badung, I Ketut Widia Astika in Mangupura on Friday.

Based on the survey and findings, mobile phone abuse is not only found in big cities but has reached out the territory so there is concern that it would interfere the development of the students.

Thus, the institute also conducts inspection to anticipate missed students who bring mobile phone to school.

“If any student caught bringing mobile phone, then the student will be given consequence by the rules and require the parents to take the mobile phone directly at school,” he said.

Moreover, on the sidelines of the study, teachers also should take time to remind the students of procedures for the healthy use of mobile phone.

Strict rules and provide a good education could shape the character of a good student and should not be involved in the case of misuse of such technological advances like what happened in other areas.

Meanwhile, social community activist and observer I Gede Arya Sena encourage every school in Bali to make a rule to ban students in bringing mobile phone to school so it does not distract the teaching and learning activities.

“With the rule of not bringing mobile phone to school, it will minimize the possibility of misuse of technology for negative action,” he said.

It was related to the huge number of cases of mobile phone abuse conducted by students or while they are at school.

According to him, mobile phone has two functions which can not be separated namely could help or educate and could also have a negative impact on its users.

Thus, the mobile phone users should have control so it can be used for positive things.

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