Balinese Poetry Have Aesthetic Element

Dr HIR Hinzler from Leiden University Netherland thought that the Balinese prose and poetry written in 1400 era consist of and present aesthetic elements.

“This condition should be explored, preserved and developed so that the Balinese language remain stable atany times,” said Dr. Hinzler as quoted by Gunarsa who initiated the International Festival of Balinese Language (IFBL) on Thursday.

Gunarsa, the founder and owner of Museum of Classical Arts in Semarapura, Klungkung regency received input from the experts in foreign languages, including Dr. Hinzler who had done research in Bali.

He reminded that to continue learning not only the origin of the family as stated in the chronicle (written story), but also about the language and literature of Bali.

“In the UK and Netherlands there is online reference dictionary of all the words used in the past and present time. Then why we do not compile a dictionary of Balinese language as done by Van der Tuuk as the base,” said Dr. Hinzler.

He explained that in the reference dictionary the language has been written using latin letters and has its digital form of more than 10,000 words in ancient Javanese language of the manuscripts stored in gedong Kirtya Singaraja, Bali since 1929.

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