Bringing Marijuana to Bali, a Belgian was Sentenced 10 Months in Prison


A Belgian tourist, Nicolas Lottefier (38) has to stay in prison for being caught carrying marijuana.

This man has been suspected since he flew from Bangkok and landed at I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport on June 19, 2013. Arriving at the airport, he was caught carrying 0.23 grams of marijuana.

“I bought it during a visit to New Delhi,” said Nicolas, as stated in the decision of the Denpasar District Court (PN) on Friday.

On September12, 2013, prosecutors claimed Nicolas to be sentenced to 10 months in prison. This claim is directly shared by Denpasar District Court.

“He has been proven using narcotics Category I for himself. We sentenced him to 10 months in prison,” said the judges consisting of Parulian Saragih, I Dewa Puspa Adnyana and Gunawan Tri Budiono.

The verdict decided on 26 September 2013 determined Nicolas has made a bad image to Bali in the international eyes as a tourist destination. As for the ease, Nicolas regretted his action and never being punished previously.

“Nicolas using marijuana since he was 14 years old by rolling it like a cigarette,” said the council. Nicolas and prosecutors accepted the decision and did not file an appeal.

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  1. Kadek Says:

    These guys just don’t learn

  2. bal fan Says:

    i think its right,cause everbody knows the laws in indonesia..cannot understand to be so stupid

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