Foreign Tourists Arrival to Bali Increase 10.18%


Bali got 2.40 million foreign tourists visit during the nine- month period from January to September, 2013, an increase of 10.18 percent over the same period the previous year which recorded 2.18 million people.

“They mostly come through Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali from aboard using aircrafts that fly directly from their country, only 20,262 people who come through the sea port from aboard using cruise ship,” said the Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Bali Gede Suarsa in Denpasar on Friday.

He said that Bali set a target to be able to pick up as many as 2.8 million foreign tourists visit during 2013, lower than the actual visit in 2012, which recorded 2.94 million people.

He is optimistic that the target can be achieved, given the provincial government of Bali compensate with various efforts. Among other more intensive promotion to the potential supplier countries of tourists to the island.

Gede Suarsa added that from ten countries supplying tourists to Bali, nine countries increased significantly and one country reduced in terms of number of people coming to the island.

Those nine countries with more and more numbers spending holiday to Bali are Australia rose 2.88 percent, China 24.90 percent and Japan 13.75 percent.

Meanwhile, the only country with less people to Bali is UK, which only declined 1.29 percent, said Gede Suarsa.

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