Governor of Bali Fail to Meet Sumberkelampok Residents


Governor of Bali,Made Mangku Pastika failed to meet residents of Sumberkelampok Village, Buleleng regency, who was invited specifically to discuss the request for a letter of recommendation related to the land certification in the village.

The meeting held in Denpasar on Monday, attended by the Governor, Buleleng Parliament staffs, Regent of Buleleng, Bali police chief, BPN Bali Regional Office and Bali Parliament legislators to discuss the claim of Sumber Kelampok Village residents on local government assets.

Chairman of Commission I DPRD Bali Made Arjaya proposed the establishment of the Special Committee (Pansus) to find a solution to such problem.

“In accordance with Government Regulation No. 11 of 2010 on Abandoned Land, it was clear that the government land or government assets cannot be said to be abandoned, those in Margarana I, Margarana II and Pemuteran are land asset belongs to Bali provincial government,” said the PDI-P politician.

If people want a government releases land, it must through a letter of recommendation and approval of Parliament. Then, the Governor can issue a decree.

“But in order to discuss it further, we will form a special committee to conduct a study first related to that issue,” said Arjaya.

Head of BPN Bali Regional Office, Heri Santoso confirmed that the land in Sumber Kelampok region, namely Margarana I, Margarana II and Pemuteran not categorized as abandoned land.

“It’s Lease Right (HGU) had expired in 1993, but it automatically returns belonging to Bali Provincial Government and cannot be invoked as an abandoned land,” he said.

He mentioned that the abandoned land is the land of property right, lease right, building right, or usage right, which can be declared as abandoned land if the land is intentionally not used by the right holder in accordance with the circumstances or the nature and purpose of their rights or are not maintained properly .

However, this does not apply to government assets, both central and local levels, as stipulated in Government Regulation No. 11/2011.

According to him, the policy on these issues is on the Governor and the Parliament.

Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika said, the government actually wants the public to come to participate in resolving this issue.

“It reminds me of similar problem in Cengkareng, Banten, when I became Chief of Police there and hopefully this does not happen like that. I have to take this issue carefully. If it is approved, then the others also ask the same,” he said.

He said he could not issue the right without the procedure. “I cannot promise anything to the public at this time. Later on, please do not say I refused, because it does need clear processes and procedures for the disposal of these assets. If I give it out without any process then they will say that I violate the Law again,” he said.

To apply for a transfer of the assets, there must first request to Governor and Parliament. Parliament further assesses the feasibility of disposing the asset.

“I hope the community of Sumber Kelampok comes when invited by the committee in order to discuss this, because the problem is not simple. Committee may not work alone and will surely have to involve all elements of society, including Sumberkelampok residents,” he said.

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