Bali Proposes Zero Growth for Vehicles


The Governor of Bali I Made Mangku Pastika starts to mention about prohibition of mutating non-Bali cars license plate to Bali and registering non-Bali cars.

This completes the campaign of ‘Zero Growth’ vehicles to balance the growth of vehicle ownership with road construction.

“Besides, we also stop the mutation of non-Bali license plate to Bali plate, and register outsider vehicles that enter and pass by in Bali,” said I Made Mangku Pastika, the Governor of Bali, in his press release sent out to some mass media, on Thursday.

The purpose of the moratorium, said Pastika, there will be a gap and during the gap there will be regulations made and prepare the road infrastructure to anticipate future growth as soon as the moratorium revoked. During moratorium, it will be followed with revising regulations that is aligned with tightening the entry of vehicles in Bali.

Some policies planned to be effective during moratorium are making up regulations of high progressive tax for those who have more than one vehicle. Besides, retribution for outsider vehicles entering or passing by in Bali also will be applied, so that it could be revenue for the regional account.

Meanwhile, Pastika explained, in five years, Bali will develop the infrastructure, such as underpass and flyover. Besides, there will be construction of toll road, monorail and prepare land transportation by train. “Moreover, cheap transportation will be continuously encouraged and improved,” Pastika explained.

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