Museum Pasifika Invites Elementary School Students to Love Museum


Museum Pasifika invited students from SDN 2 Tanjung Benoa to see various collections displayed in the museum, which is claimed to be the biggest in Asia Pacific region. This program is held regularly by inviting students from Kindergarten up to Junior High School to visit the museum.

Customer Service Supervisor of Museum Pasifika, Lutfi Soekarno said that through this event, it is hoped that students will know that there are a lot of stuffs in the museum that can improve their knowledge.

“Especially about the painting, because Museum Pasifika displays paintings about Bali from Asia Pacific’s painter. By that, they will realize and proud that they have a very famous Island which is admired by many famous painter from Asia Pacific region.

Meanwhile Senior Secretary of Pasifika Museum, Triana Vivien Febriyanti explained that the program is held every weekend, as an effort to increase young generation understanding and care toward a museum.

“This is a regular event every Saturday. We hoped that from this visit they could know more and love the Indonesian culture more,” she said.

In terms of visit, up to September 2013, Museum Pasifika had reached 12 thousands visitors compared to last year, which was only 7 thousands.

“Several events such as APEC Summit and Miss World increase the number of visitors quite significantly. They are dominated by foreign tourist 80 percent and local people are 20 percent,” said Triana Vivien Febriyanti.

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