38 Cruises Targeted to Visit Bali In 2014


Benoa Port in Denpasar, Bali, continues to welcome the arrival of foreign tourists who use 38 cruise ships. The target is they will stop in Bali in 2014.

Cruise ship visits, both large and medium size, to Benoa Port each year has increased. Until the end of 2013, for example, the target of the docked cruise ships to reach 34 units.

“For 2014, we expect more than this year’s target to reach 38 units that will carry thousands of foreign tourists from various countries in the world,” said Ali Sodikin, General Manager of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) III Benoa Branch, Bali, on Thursday.

Sodikin committed to build a multifunctional Benoa Harbour to support an increase in tourists coming to the island. Therefore, efforts are made to improve the infrastructure in the Port of Benoa, regarding Bali as a tourist destination both for foreign and domestic tourists.

Efforts are being made, such as the harbor pond dredging so it can serve the large cruise ships up to 300 meters long. The Port continues to strive to improve services, including clean up around the pier so that it’s better and more convenient for visiting cruise ship passengers.

“Currently, the existing pool in the eastern and southern pier is minus ten meters. The flow to the dock now also minus eleven meters,” he said.

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