Bali Labor Union Rally for Provincial Minimum Wage


Independent Labor Union Federation (FSPM) came to Bali Legislative Council (DPRD) to rally against the determination of the amount of provincial minimum wage (UMP) Bali 2014, which is Rp1.321.000.

“We came to the Legislative Council to give recommendation so they immediately held a meeting with related institutions so that they could decide the proper UMP. Thus, the Governor think about people prosperity,” said the Chairman of FSPM Bali Anak Agung Sagung Ratmudiani, in Denpasar, Friday.

In the meeting with the Chairman of Commission IV Nyoman Parta and his members as well as the Remuneration Board, they admitted that the 2014 UMP approved by the Council is still quite low referring to Bali as the world tourist destination that has high life cost. Moreover, other regions get significant increase.

“We will try facilitating to be able to meet the Governor of Bali. At least, if the Governor can’t make it, the Vice-Governor could. But we will try to fulfill the labors’ demand,” said Nyoman Parta.

FSPM proposed that the proper UMP Bali for labors is between Rp1.7 million and Rp2.3 million. They hoped the Governor will refuse any recommendation from Remuneration Board and to hold discussion firstly with the expert staffs and all elements of the community in order to have proper decision for all.

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