BMKG Warns Balinese to be Cautious on Extreme Weather


After facing a long dry season, now Bali is entering the rainy season. Therefore, Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Bureau (BMKG) warn people in Bali to be aware of extreme weather.

The Head of Service Department BMKG, Nyoman Suarsa, stated that from the monitoring of BMKG Denpasar Region 3, Bali Island except for Nusa Penida, had got rain regularly. “This low pressure causes strong wind and also high wave,” said Suarsa, on Friday.

Besides, Suarsa said that there is high potency in Bali for tornado and storm. Observing from the weather, activity of cloud formation also starts increasing, especially in North Bali and for Central Bali to increase to the South.

“In the North region, people should beware of landslides and in South part should be prepared for flood,” he expected. The concentration of rain cloud has been equally spread in Bali, it means that it has been the sign of raining cloud coming,” he added.

Suarsa explained that the weather in Bali also could be seen from the existence of low pressure in Southern Indonesia. It causes weather in Bali to increase its activity.

“Low pressure in South will increase in December and January, as the peak of rain is predicted to be in January and February. It makes rain comes more frequently and it could be called as extreme weather in Bali,” he said.

Extreme weather in Bali, according to Suarsa brings the potency of tornado, storm and high waves. “In South region, the wave recorded at 2.5 meter. So, we warn fishermen and those having activities in the sea to be more alert,” he hoped.

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