Canada Interested in New Airport Design


The plan to build new airport in North Bali attracted Canada Embassy to be involved in the project. Therefore, Canada offered the airport design created by architect and finance expert from the country.

The senior trade commissioner Embassy of Canada to Indonesia, Tracy Reynolds, and his team have an opportunity to present the design in front of Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, and several Heads of related SKPD in Bali Province at Wiswa Saba Pratama, on Tuesday.

Pastika welcomed positively the desire of Canadian team and asked the Canadian experts to conduct further study on the plan. Pastika explained the natural condition in Bali is truly compelling for building an airport in North Bali.

He explained that the requirements to build runway must has distance at 8.5 km from the mountain, but in fact the distance from mountain to both prospective location, Kubutambahan and Sumberkima, is 3 km and 4.5 km.

“Surely, it doesn’t fit to the requirement, moreover 15 km of the runway area should be free from residential area,” he said. Therefore, the Governor suggested to build runway over the sea, which need high expertise.

Thus, Governor asked the experts to do survey in North Bali, and then communicate the result to related bodies. The Governor really expected the new airport construction could be done soon to balance the development in Bali, also decrease the air traffic density at Ngurah Rai Airport.

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