Former IHDN Rector Determined as Suspect


Former rector of the State Institute of Hindu Dharma (IHDN) Denpasar Made Titib was determined as a suspect on the case of procurement of goods and services on campus apply for suspension of detention.

“I submitted a letter of surety for my clients,” said Wayan Bagiarta as legal counsel for Made Titib in Denpasar on Monday.

He is sure that his client is not guilty in the case causing financial harm to the country valued at Rp1.4 billion, especially as he has not received the calculation result from Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP).

According to him, the arrestof Made Titip on Monday was not completed by an arrest warrant. “Actually I was surprised on my client’s custody,” said Bagiarta.

He said he just received a letter calling his client as a witness on Thursday. However, he followed investigation process, on Monday, Bali Prosecutor Office had decided on the arrest.

Until now there are five suspects in the procurement of goods and services at IHDN campus consisting of two people from counterparties as the project organizers and the other three from the state universities under the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Responding to the request for surety, the Special Criminal Assistant Bali Prosecutor Office Putu Gede Sudharma gave permit. “The appeal is the right of detained suspects,” he said.

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