HPI Bali Asks Government to Have Budget on Guide Training


Indonesian Guides Association (HPI) of Bali asked the provincial government to make budget for development and improving the quality of tour guides in order to support the imaging of Bali tourism.

“Increasing professional competence of guides should be the responsibility of the local government as long as they have contributed greatly in increasing the local revenue,” said Chairman of HPI Bali Sang Putu Subaya on the sidelines of Rakerda IV HPI in Denpasar on Friday.

He argued that in the last nine years, Government of Bali just once facilitated the workshop and training for guides and even it was only for 300 people, while the number of registered tour guides in the HPI reaches 6,500 people.

“The competency upgrade for guides is very important especially in terms of knowledge about cultural tourism, language skills and guiding and behavior workshop,” he said.

He reminded that the tour guides are the frontline in the image of tourism in Bali. According to him, no matter how good the tourist destination is, if the guides can’t provide excellent service, it will bring a bad image for tourists.

“The government always expects more professional tour guides in Bali, so it should also be followed with fund assistance and guidance from the government,” he said.

Sang Putu pointed to guides in the division of Russian language, the number is about 60 people, and it is not enough to serve the Russian tourists who experienced an upward trend.

“Therefore, efforts to improve language skills and knowledge are needed, especially towards the ASEAN Economic Community being imposed,” he said.

Sang Putu expected that not due to political years then the government only focus their attention to the things related to politics and ignore tourism.

“Remember that tourism has been the foundation of income for Bali. If the human resources in tourism are unmotivated, of course, it will be incorrect imaging and there is no point of improvement in tourist destination,” he said.

On the other hand it also highlights the rise of foreign guides to Bali. He said that he could not blame them outright because on one side guides on the island have insufficient skills, while the travelers had to pay expensive cost to the travel agency.

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