10 Bands Compete to Capture Labels Interest in LA Lights’ Meet the Labels


Five recording company (label) tested the ability of 10 bands from various regions to perform live at the Hard Rock Cafe, Kuta, Bali, on Wednesday night, to get a contract for an album.

The ten bands were selected out by society and the jury after seeing their performances through the pages www.la – lights.com since last June.

“The number of participants, soloist, duo or band auditioning online by uploading their performances in youtube reach out 1,000 videos,” said Ivan Butler as Brand Manager of LA Lights in Kuta.

From 1,000 participants, the LA Lights requesting the help of the Youtube site visitors to select 50 participants. “This method is more effective because participants can come from anywhere, without having to come to Jakarta,” said Ivan, who suggested “Meet the LA ligths Labels” since 2011.

Then from 50 were screened again to get best 10 participants. “Screening from 50 to 10 in addition to involving the community who see their performance on youtube, there is also the label,” he said.

The ten bands selected are required to perform “live” in front of scouts from five labels, ie Seven Music, E – Motion, Universal Music Indonesia, Alfa Records and Warner Music. The ten bands from various musical genres are given the opportunity to perform live, each for 15 minutes.

“We do not determine the winner. We only take them to meet with the label. Thereafter, the labels are entitled to make a choice, which one of them deserved to get a record deal,” said Ivan.

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