10th International feng Shui Convention, Singapore

It was the Lee Foundation Theatre at NAFA Campus 3, Singapore which had a unique energy for 2 consecutive days. I t had this special aura and feel as it was the place of gathering of all the global Feng Shui Grand masters and Masters not only  sharing their knowledge but exchanging genuine pleasantries and spending time together.

The 2013 International feng Shui convention which was held on 16th and 17th Nov 2013 was also very special as it was the 10th Anniversary of IFSC and it has created a global awareness and brought together people from all parts of the globe to share a common platform.

This year the title for the event was “I Ching & Feng Shui”, this 2-day event showcased conference and panel discussions. The world’s most respected Feng Shui Grand Masters, Masters and practitioners from various disciplines were present to share their experience and knowledge in Feng Shui, which was beneficial to all delegates and Feng Shui enthusiasts enabling them to work towards a harmonious balance in their everyday life. Many Topics and interesting aspects of Feng Shui and I ching were covered in the 2 day convention.

GM Yap Cheng Hai, GM Raymond Lo, GM Vincent Koh, GM Tan Khoon Yong were present and they also delivered talks on various aspects of feng Shui. Masters from across the Globe Master Jet Lee & Goh Guan Leong , Master Jacek kryg from Poland, Master Victor graza China, Master Christina Gorza Romania, Master Yap Bo Bhou Malaysia, Master Antony Sakolov Russia , Master Rikoko Fujiki Japan and renowned Master S.BS.Surendran from india delivered their talks.

Master Surendran delivered a talk on the unique approach of using I ching hexagrams and combining it with the science of Bio-energetics to generate counter wave symbols for feng Shui corrections. The talk with a 15 minutes open house and demonstration was much appreciated by the audience.

The event also had a curtain raiser for the 11th international feng Shui Convention to be held in Melbourne, Australia in 2014 which was delivered by the President of the IFSA Australia Chapter – Master Janene Laird.

After an absolutely fabulous 2 days of presentations, networking, laughing, learning and catching up with good friends; the 10th Annual IFSC finally came to a close with the Speakers Presentation.  The evening of 17th Nov 2013 was also unique as the 10th Annual IFSC wound up on Sunday evening with a fabulous Gala Dinner and a time of entertainment and photo opportunities with the Grand Masters and masters.

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