12 Things Complained by Tourists when Traveling to Bali


Bali Provincial Government held a survey to gather information from tourists about the service and comfort on the island. The survey result was quite astonishing, in which there were 12 tourist’s complaints specific to Bali.

“After we did the survey, there were 12 complaints from tourists about Bali. Among them are traffic jam, garbage, immigration and custom’s service at the airport and service at the money changer. Tourists often being cheated,” said Governor of Bali, Made MangkuPastika in Bappenas office, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

In fact, he said, Bali is an international tourist destination, so the government must fix the infrastructure and services in Bali. That way, tourists will feel comfortable and stay longer on the island.

In terms of traffic jam, Mangku Pastika added, the provincial government of Bali has developed Sarbagita metropolitan areas (Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Tabanan) through the construction of Nusa Dua – Benoa – Ngurah Rai toll roads.

“Those four cities in Bali is frequently hit by traffic, it is different from Jakarta, which is jammed everywhere. Because 95 % vehicles in Bali is a private vehicle and there are 2.7 million vehicles (600 thousand cars and 2.1 million motorcycles),” he said.

The Governor admitted that he will develop other mass transportation that can carry passengers in large quantities and supported infrastructure such as toll roads, underpass, fly overs and road widening.

“It’s very difficult to restrict vehicle as the local economy is improving. In Bali, constraints to build infrastructure is due to cultural issues, such as widening the road is difficult because a lot of the temple there, and build fly overs could not be done for fear of traditional ceremony that takes place,” he explained.

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9 Responses to “12 Things Complained by Tourists when Traveling to Bali”

  1. Scott Says:

    I have lived in bali for 5 years. I am a Aussie and I love it here I am married to a bali girl and I am Hindu . If people want to complain don’t come here . Australia is not perfect either is the rest of the countries in the world . It’s what you make of bali . Could not be in a better place

  2. v.kristensen Says:

    We went to Bali in nov.-13 and we loved to be there.
    Bali is fantastic! But goverment must look after the infrastructure better. Also the dogs who are running in the beaches and being very dirty also doing all the things on the beach!
    It is really disguisting.

  3. cheap cruises Says:

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  4. Love Bali Says:

    I am with scott on this i love bali and go there because of what Bali is. I only wished I lived there. if you dont like it the way it is go somewhere else

  5. Dar Says:

    @Scott, I love Bali as well but what you saying isn’t right. If you not complain then there is no way of improving what is wrong, and for all people who love the place, making it better is the most important thing. There is lot to be done, listening to the people it’s right attitude by local Government.

  6. Michael Says:

    I love Bali too and I would never like it to loose its Balinese attraction.
    Unfortunately I see new western style buildings emerging every year I visit this disappoints me, even my own timeshare has built a new resort and not followed Balinese design thats why I’m still at the old.
    I do beleive the customs and immigration, traffic flow and cleanliness could be improved this would also provde jobs for the locals as well.
    Everyone has their own opinions on Bali mine is I love it there but I hate the 2 hour wait at midnite in customs when you arrive that you can’t compare to the effcient customs of Sydney in saying that I have not yet seen the new airport here’s hoping.

  7. cla Says:

    I totally agree with Dar. There is a lot to be done in Bali and this doesn’t mean changing its soul or personality. It only means making it better and cleaner especially for the inhabitants more than tourists.

  8. Desmond Says:

    Stop burning rubbish you uneducated lazy people!

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