Bali Province Government Plan to Relocate Kerobokan Jail to TPA Suwung


Government of Bali Province plan to relocate Denpasar IIA Class jail in Kerobokan to Suwung Waste Disposal Center (TPA). The relocation is due to over-capacity happened in Denpasar jail.

“We have a 32 hectares land in Suwung TPA. To be used as waste management is around 10 hectares. And the rest, more than 20 hectares, that is possible to be used for Kerobokan jail relocation spot,” said Governor of Bali on the joint meeting of Bali Legislative Council and Bali Province Government in Denpasar, on Thursday.

The land of Suwung TPA belongs to the regional government so far is still used for waste management cooperated with private sector. Since Kerobokan jail needs to be relocated as soon as possible and it must be in Denpasar, so the wide land owned by the regional government is only the one in Suwung TPA.

“If the waste management is done properly, so it is bring no harm to health. As long as it is done with modern way and correct based on the waste management principle,” added Pastika.

The local government is conducting a study on the problem. It is expected that in the future it will be better. It is urgent to relocate Kerobolan jail so that it becomes in order and to create comfort for the convicts.

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  1. Nicholas Gracie Says:

    Is this designed to keep the prison population down or to increase the number of patients at Sanglah. Has the Health Dept investigated this properly???

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