Police Calls Travel Agent Related to Bus Accident


Denpasar City Police are planning to call the owner of a travel agency (BPW), the owner of the bus, as well as other parties related to tourism bus crash that killed six tourists from China in Pecatu, Badung, Bali, on last week.

“We will call the travel agent owner, the owner of the bus , conductor, and others for questioning them related to the tourist bus accident,” said Head of Public Relations Division of Denpasar Police AKP Ida Bagus Sarjana, on Friday.

According to him, a number of passengers who are survived from the deadly accident will also be questioned.

However, he still considered that since nine people survived are still undergoing intensive treatment in a hospital.

“We do investigation in stages,” Sarjana said.

He will develop an investigation to the accident case of bus in order to uncover what causing the tragic accident.

In addition, the authorities also involve vehicle technicians from Mitsubishi to assist in the investigation.

In addition to Denpasar Police, the gray metallic bus accident investigation was also conducted in collaboration with the Bali Police and is assisted by the Indonesia Traffic Police Headquarters Corps.

Badung District Department of Transportation and Public Works Department also assisted the process of the crime scene (TKP) analysis.

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