Praises Bali Nature, Japan General Consulate Also Criticizes Bali Sanitation


Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, received Japan Consulate General to Bali, Kazuo Shibata, in his office on Tuesday. Kazuo Shibata explained that the number of Japanese tourists who came to Bali in 2012 reached 230,000 people and is expected to rise again in 2013. This is expected to continue to increase so it will bring mutual benefit to both parties. He also praised the natural potential of Bali as the main attraction for the tourists visiting the island of the Gods. Besides, major projects such as Ngurah Rai Airport renovation and Bali Mandara Toll road are expected could affect on the economic development of Balinese people.

Shibata also highlighted environmental sanitation, especially plastic waste scattered in tourism objects, which if it is left will adversely affect the image of Bali that is good in the eyes of the International world, he also suggested Pastika to create a development plan for the next ten years so that problems like this not happen again to young generations.

Responding to the problem, Governor Pastika accompanied by the Head of Tourism Department, Ida Bagus Kade Subhiksu and Head of Public Relations Agency, Ketut Teneng, expressed thanks for the feedback and criticisms from Kazuo Shibata. This will be a reference to continue fixing the tourism objects, Pastika confirmed that the main problem faced in Bali as a tourist destination over the years are traffic congestion and garbage.

Pastika added that the problem of traffic congestion could be solved for a while with Bali Mandara Toll, but the garbage problem is still being the home work for Bali Provincial Government for the future. However, many efforts have been made either by the Provincial Government, Regional/ Municipal Government and private sector in solving this garbage problem.

Efforts like buying collected plastic waste, encouraging students to participate in picking up trash and recycling plastic waste. “These efforts will not be effective before people can change their bad habits of littering. This is a job for the government and Balinese people in the future if we want to see Bali clean,” he concluded.

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