Thief Specialized on Tourist’s Credit Card Arrested


A group stole credit card belong to foreign tourists staying in Bali were successfully arrested by Subdit Jatanras Directorate General of Criminal Metro Jaya Police, Jakarta.

In carrying out the action, the group consisting of four people put target to foreign tourists returning from a cafe who has been in a drunken state, then the perpetrator took their credit card and directly using it for transaction.

“The perpetrators have prepared wireless EDC (electronic data capture), so it can be used on the spot,” said Head of Unit 1 Direskrimum Jatanras Jakarta Police, Commissioner Aris Supriono, on Monday.

To get EDC machine, the perpetrators make some clothing stores in Season Citymall, West Jakarta, to trick the Bank, after the machine is there, they sent it directly to Bali, and there is the group take action.

“There are four clothing shops and one is now sealed, while the shop’s owner has a false identity,” he said.

The suspects are Sun Kok aka Akok (43) arrested in Jakarta, while the others namely, I Putu Pande Supardika (34), Donovan Lawrens Hutajulu aka Bram Irvan (42) were arrested in Jakarta.

“In a day, the perpetrators could do three times transactions, from five million to 40 million, and the victims have been dozens, even more,” he said.

As a result of their actions, the suspects were charged under penalty of five years and more.

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