World Culture Forum Results “Bali Promise”


Meeting of the Steering Committee of the World Cultural Forum (WCF) resulted in a decision that is called Bali Promise.

Education and Culture Minister, Muhammad Nuh said that the reason for using the word ‘promise’ and not a declaration because the declaration is usually initiatives that often bound to political problems.

The term ‘promise’ is more precisely used to show the cultural diversity encountered in international cultural forum.

Nuh further expressed his pride to WCF, as the first international cultural forum in Bali.

“I believe this prestigious forum will contribute significantly to harmonize the colors of culture in the world community. Of course, this is the first time the world’s cultural diversity is discussed as an important issue, complete the overall global development,” he said.

Some points of the Bali Promise such as supporting the leadership of young people in cultural endeavors,  promoting local knowledge systems in guiding environmental conservation and heritage protection, developing and strengthening productive partnerships among public and private sectors, strengthening community ownership and civil society participation in the delivery of sustainable development projects to enhance their transformative role, and encouraging creativity and fostering the development of cultural industries to alleviate poverty and promote economic and cultural empowerment. Besides there are also some other points related to sustainable development of culture.

Nuh also emphasized that the cultural uniformity should not be there because it conflicts with the cultural diverse.

On the other hand, the minister also explained that the results of the World Culture Forum (WCF) will become part of Indonesia national policy.

“The important formula and results of the forum will become part of our national policy,” the minister noted in his speech during the closing ceremony of the first WCF in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Tuesday.

He expressed hope that Indonesia would become a country with a new civilization and a strong culture in the next 20 to 30 years.

On the occasion, the minister also called on Indonesians to confidently convey their ideas. This will have a positive impact on the world’s development.

“We do not have to feel inferior while presenting our ideas,” the minister remarked.

He noted that Indonesia had achieved great success in hosting the forum.

“The success of the WCF must provide good momentum for boosting our confidence,” he remarked, adding that the WCF was inspired by President Yudhoyono’s idea in 2005. It will continue to be held once every two years, he asserted.

“Indonesia will continue to host or co-host the WCF,” he promised.

Themed “Culture as Power in Sustainable Development,” the WCF was held from November 24 to 27, 2013. Eight-hundred participants, including 17 ministers, from 45 friendly countries attended it.

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