Bali Plans to Establish Tourism Train


The Head of Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Bali Province PutuAstawa said that in the Regional Mid-term Development Plan (RPJMD) Bali Province planned to establish tourism train.

“The target is in 2014 we will begin to socialize the project. In 2015 we will design for feasibility study and work plan presentation,” he said in Denpasar, on Thursday.

He said that many things need to be considered for constructing the project. Starting from funding form third party, station as well as railway that will be used.

“In 2014 we will socialize it first, whether the public agree to the proposal, if yes we will make its feasibility test. There are many obstacles that will be faced in the tourism train project,” he said.

Astawa said that at least in operating the train, there must be land or land acquisition done, both for railway and station. From the plan, the number of station that we need is about 30-40 stations in all over Bali and it needs dozens hectares of land.

“Not only that, there is funding problem too, whether the central government will assist or find third party in supporting this project. We need to analyze all of that,” he said.

He said that, not only tourism train mentioned in the RPJMD Bali Province, establishment of new airport in North Bali also being discussed.

“In 2014 we’ve budgeted feasibility study of Airport in North Bali. The budget allocated is around Rp1.5 billion. It’s not only airport but also highway with low height infrastructure. The development of highway infrastructure aims to decrease land switching if there is new road constructed,” said Astawa.

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