“Bali Usada Festival” Involve Thousands Participants

Bali Usada Festival 2013” involved thousands of participants from various cities in Indonesia, which held at the Cultural Park, Denpasar, on Saturday.

“This Bali Usada Festival is the first time we held on the island. This event serves as a reunion effort among meditation practitioners,” said Usada Bali Meditation Guru, Merta Ada, in Sanur, Denpasar, on Tuesday.

In this event, he said, there are also exhibitions, vegetarian culinary and Usada Bali traditional medicines. “We also showcase Usada Bali traditional medicines, so visitors can find out the use or efficacy of the drug,” he said.

He says that in the exhibition area there are also two experts of “wariga”, person who understand the meaning of life by meeting the day of his birth.

“Visitors are welcome to visit and have consultation on the life experienced so far,” said the meditation figure from Bali. Merta Ada further said that at the event there is also Alphaspare machine, namely machine for shooting aura.

“So visitors can take the photograph of aura of the body and the result will be known immediately in writing,” he said, accompanied by other committees, namely Ely and Santi Sastra.

Merta Ada said that he has been pursuing and guiding students of meditation since twenty years ago. And now about 98,000 students spread across the world.

“At this event will also bring in some former students from a number of countries in the world to see the event directly,” he said.

It is said that in the future it will also hold “Bali Usada Festival” at international level, so that the existence of meditation open for public, regardless of their origin and religion and belief embraced.

“Hopefully, in the future we can realize our hopes organizing the international festival,” he said.

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