Election Commission Urged to Control Campaign Violation in Kuta


Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) Badung regency, Bali, urged the local elections commission (KPU) to control any violations on campaign props placement in Kuta.

“Until now, Kuta area has not been touched by enforcement efforts undertaken by a joint team, even though we have repeatedly reported violations of campaign props installation in the region,” said Chairman of Badung Panwaslu, I Ketut Arka district in Mangupura on Tuesday.

He hoped that KPU to take prompt action so that Kuta as a tourism area remains clean and convenient for travelers.

“From what I know, is that in Kuta area there are only two times controlling and until now there is no decisive action from KPU,” he said.

It is recognized that the traffic in that area is so congested so that the team cannot take action during the day and have to find a time when the traffic is quiet or at night.

“However, until a long period KPU has not taken any enforcement action,” he said.

In general, he appreciated the efforts of controlling done by KPU, but it is the legislative candidates who intentionally commit an offense.

Several times being disciplined, but they still put campaign props at the forbidden area when there is agreement of props mounting free area.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Badung KPU, Anak Agung Gede Raka Nakula said that until now his side managed to curb around 900 over campaign props that violent the rules.

He admitted that such disciplinary efforts the 2014 election campaign have not been maximally because many candidates are disobedient.

“One day they are discipline, but another day they keep violating the rule,” he said.

Therefore, he continues to coordinate with the political parties to participate in supervising their candidates from committing violations.

In addition, he hoped that the legislative candidates to monitor their campaign props so that they will not pollute the environment in respected areas.

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