Pastika Calls for Regents to Control Cafe


Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika asked the Regents/ Mayor immediately control the café remang-remang (dimly lit) that are more and more prevalent as to be one source of the spread of HIV /AIDS.

“It should be made clear for the Regents in order to control those cafes because I’m sure almost all of them are without license,” he said in Denpasar, on Wednesday.

According to the former police chief of Bali, it is definitely the Regents / Mayor not to issue a permit for the dimly lit cafe. Therefore, there must be a breakthrough so that the spread of HIV /AIDS in Bali not more widely spreading.

“There must be a comprehensive effort, I go back and forth saying that cafes become a place of the disease transmission and must be controlled. The main obstacle, because of the human will and it is hard to deal with,” he said.

On the other hand, he thought that the major spread of the deadly virus in Bali is due to unhealthy sexual relationships and the use of non-sterile needles.

“Especially for syringes usually is started from using drugs. But the case of transmission of HIV /AIDS through blood transfusion is almost none in Bali,” he said.

Earlier, the Head of Department of Health Ketut Suarjaya said that while the official number of people with HIV /AIDS (ODHA) in Bali cumulatively from 1987 to October 2013 is 8,141 people but the actual number is estimated at 26,000 people.

The estimation is based on the result of monitoring the distribution of HIV /AIDS cases in Bali and a survey in 2012 of 2,000 respondents, of which 20 percent were HIV- positive.

He said in an effort to suppress the spread of HIV in Bali, the Bali Provincial Health Department will further maximize the socialization of condom use.

Suarjaya mentioned that in a year provincial government distributes about 80 thousand condoms to the target consisting of commercial sex workers and their clients.

In an effort to maximize the response to HIV /AIDS, Bali provincial government in 2014 will allocate 6 billion and maximize VCT clinics or voluntary HIV testing clinic.

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