Dozens of Retired Teachers Rally to Tabanan Parliament


Dozens of retired teachers came to the Tabanan parliament building, on Monday, to complain about their problem, which is the teacher professional allowance (TPG) is not disbursed.

“We’ve waited almost one year, but there has been no answer until now,” said Nyoman Sutarma, a former teacher at SD Negeri 2 Antosari, West Selemadeg District.

They should receive TPG of Rp3, 2 million to Rp3, 9 million per month. “We have also come to the UPTD Department of Education West Selemadeg District. The UPTD ordered us to complete the administration. Having done so TPG is still not disbursed,” he said.

Those who rallied to the Tabanan Parliament building were listed as a de-concentration teacher who retired since December 2012. TPG that they had not received is during November to December 2012.

According to Sutarma, he has sent a letter to the Regent of Tabanan and Chairman of the local parliament on Thursday.

“We hope the Regent soon resolve this issue because TPG is our right,” he said.

The slow disbursement of TPG, he added, is not happening this time only. “Back then when we were still actively teaching it was often late,” said Sutarma.

Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Fraction Tabanan Parliament, Putu Oka Mahendra, who received the arrival of retired teachers were promised to forward the complaint to the Commission IV.

“We are concerned with this issue. Later we submit this issue to the Commission IV overseeing educational issues,” he said.

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