HPI Supports Bangli to Maintain Batur Geo Park


Indonesian Guides Association (HPI) supports Bangli regency government in managing the environment around Mount Batur to maintain the status of the “Geo Park” given by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

“We also encourage Bangli regency to focus on the UNESCO criteria so that in assessment in 2016 the status of ‘Batur Geo Park’ can be maintained,” said Chairman of the HPI Bali Council, Sang Putu Subaya, in Denpasar on Thursday.

According to him, “ Batur Geo Park” is not only the pride for people of Bangli regency and Bali Province, but also all Indonesian toward the UNESCO title.

Head of Bangli Regency Department of Culture and Tourism Wayan Adnyana said that the Batur Geo Park arrangement has been discussed through the Regional Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPPDA).

“But we still have to work together with other parties, especially those engaged in the field of tourism,” he added.

Meanwhile, cultural heritage experts Wayan Kastawan said that Bangli regency in the institutional arrangement and governance of “Batur Geo Park” should also pay attention to the principle of benefit for the surrounding community.

“In the area of governance is in need of professional institution and credibility,” he said.

Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy in “Destination Management Organization” (DMO) Division, Benjamin Abdurrahman, also recalled the importance of data collection of problems and solutions as a priority in the management of “Batur Geo Park”.

“Including the issue of human resources and the environment,” he said.

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