Schapelle Corby’s Remission Re-proposed


Amidst a diplomatic row between Indonesia and Australia, Denpasar Jail Class II A in Kerobokan proposed Schapelle Leigh Corby’s to get a Christmas remission. “We propose a two-month remission for Corby,” said Head of LP Class II A in Kerobokan, Denpasar, Farid Junaedi on Friday.

According to him, the remission decision is not final, since it must await the decision of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Jakarta. “Submission has not been approved because it is still waiting for the process,” he said.

Not only get a remission, Corby also has the possibility for parole. According to Farid, parole for Corby is currently in process. As the parole for woman from Queensland has not come out, said Farid, it is obliged to propose a remission or reduction of the detention period.

Meanwhile Ministry of Law and Human Rights Amir Syamsuddin said that related to Corby’s parole, there is one condition that must be met.

Directorate General of Corrections Ministry of Law and Human Rights has not decided for parole proposed by Schaphelle Leigh Corby. Only one condition remains to be met by a woman from Australia who caught for the narcotics case.

“There is one condition that must be met,” said Amir Syamsuddin, in Jakarta.

According to Amir, it takes one specific requirement regarding the convicted is a foreigner. “It is regarding the assurance of people who want to release her,” said Amir.

As for the other conditions that previously have not been met, said Amir, later it was settled.

“The Embassy is already guaranteed her. Immigration clearance was already approved,” said the Democrat politician.

Corby was arrested after caught carrying 4.2 kg of marijuana from Brisbane to Bali. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison and had undergone two thirds of the sentence imposed.

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