Shadow Puppet Expected to be a World Class Opera

Shadow puppet in Indonesia is always up to date, including in terms of the language that is now not only the local language.

Puppet show nature, which is flexible, allows the art that gets the award of UNESCO’s World Heritage staged in a variety of interpretations, such as the use of other languages like Bahasa Indonesia or English.

That way, the puppet is expected to reach more audiences domestically and internationally.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sapta Nirwandar in his speech on launching of the book titled “Gatra Wayang Indonesia” on Sunday.

“The goal is to make the puppet as an international-class opera,” Sapta said.

He called the puppet as a guide as well as the show since it tells a story that contains moral message.

Sapta also asked so that puppet shows uses the theme that is interesting to the younger generation.

“Find a topic that is ‘sexy’ for young people so the puppet show is not considered only for the old-fashioned teens,” he said.

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