1.000 World Taekwondo Athletes to Compete in Bali Mok’s International

At least 1,000 junior taekwondo athletes will compete in Bali Mok ‘s Junior International Championship that will take place in Lila Bhuana, Denpasar Bali, January 11 to 14. They will compete to be the best in the event that was first held in Kyorugi and poomsae class.

Taekwondo figure as well as the championship organizer, Alex Harijanto,said  that Bali Mok ‘s International is a golden opportunity for junior taekwondo athletes of Indonesia to gain knowledge since athletes from Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos, Australia and several other countries also participate.

“The best taekwondo athletes from various countries taking part so that we can measure the ability of the athlete and coaching outcomes that have been done,” said Alex, on Wednesday. Alex, who is also coaches Taekwondo Indonesia (TI) Central Java stressed that Central Java will involve its junior athletes.

In fact, Java is targeting the overall champion in the international championship. This proves that even though Bali Mok’s is in its first time to be held, but it already gained so much attention.

Central Java’s coach Dereck Afsa hoped, Central Java junior athletes who participate in Bali later play as good as possible. However, they also carry the name of Central Java at Bali Mok ‘s International Championship.

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