Tourism in Indonesia Must Rested on Uniqueness


Observer of culture from State Institute of Hindu Dharma (IHDN) Denpasar Dr. Ketut Sumadi reminded that Indonesia’s tourism should be based on uniqueness, distinctiveness and the locality of each region in the country.

“These conditions will put diversity as a very strategic thing for the development of Indonesian tourism,” said Chairman of the Doctoral Program IHDN in Denpasar on Sunday.

He said that the construction and development of tourism are expected to improve the national economy, it becomes an integral part of national development in a sustainable manner, while preserving and strengthening national identity and the preservation of the environment.

“Arts and cultural traditions of the people became the main asset of Indonesian tourism, because it’s unique and distinctive,” he said.

In its policy, the government expressly provides direction to make tourism development of traditional Indonesian art and culture as a means for the development of national tourism.

The potential is widely promoted overseas in hopes of becoming a means for the comprehensive and integrated as well as developing tourism through a comprehensive and integrated system approach.

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