Tourist Donation to Bali Impeded by Problem


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said that Bali Government’s plan to charge US$10 donation in early of 2014 to any foreign tourists who have vacation to the island is still hampered by the rule of law.

“There are legal issues, so it cannot be enforced yet,” said Pastika after attending monthly simakrama (face to face meeting) with the community, in Denpasar, on Saturday.

According to him, from the rule of law there was a conflict of norm if the policy implemented since at the provincial level levy may no longer exist. “There should not be any charge. Meanwhile, if there is donation it is voluntary and in unspecified amount,” he said.

Therefore, until now the provincial government of Bali is still doing correction and remedial measures so that in the future it does not cause legal problems.

Previously, Governor of Bali said that the imposition of a donation as part of the policy of heritage protection.

From the amount of donation paid it already includes the contribution of foreign tourists to the protection of cultural heritage and environment of Bali and partly an insurance policy to any foreign tourists, so that they will immediately insured when they got illness, accident and died.

“It means that it is not fully into government account, but most go to them if an accident, illness, or death happen,” he said.

According to Pastika, usually tourists already have insurance. “However, it’s in their own country, then who will take care of it. To be honest, we have trouble for things like that. With insurance, it can be used for the cost of their care when they experience unfortunate incident,” said Pastika.

Related to tourist’s contribution to the protection of cultural heritage, Bali’s former police chief said such a thing actually already have been applied also in other countries.

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