Bali Festival at Wolhusen Swiss Tropical House

Indonesian Embassy in Bern collaborated with Tropenhaus (tropical house) in Switzerland held an Indonesia promotional week in the theme of “Delicious Bali”, a Bali Festival at the Wolhusen Tropical House, Switzerland, which took place on January 8 to February 23, 2014.

The festival invites residents of Switzerland not only for a culinary tour of Balinese food, but also introduce Balinese culture, through the gamelan, a documentary film and promotes tropical fruits from Bali, as stated by Pensosbud Embassy in Bern, Muhammad Budiman Wiriakusumah said, on Tuesday.

He said that once visitors enter the Wolhusen tropical house, the Balinese atmosphere could be felt, not only because the decorations made with Balinese accent, but also because the air temperature in the tropical garden is around 25 degrees C in the middle of winter in Switzerland.

The food menu displayed also are selected from the types of food that have a special meaning for Balinese people, such as “Jukut Ares” a kind of soup, which is famous in Bali and Lombok Island.

Jukut Ares dish has always been a main course in any event, the festival or celebration. In Bali, for example, Jukut Ares is always served at the wedding, cremation, tooth filing ceremony, even on the day of Galungan and Kuningan.

Just as in Bali, in Lombok Island, Jukut Ares is always served at the time of the wedding, the birth of a baby, even Maulid  and Eid celebration. Jukut Ares is already famous in Lombok, he said.

The main ingredient of Jukut Ares is the young banana stem. There lies the uniqueness of this cuisine, banana stem is transformed into delicious dish. It also displayed other foods such as mixed rice with Lawar Bali, said Budiman.

In addition, visitors also can get around in the tropical house while knowing plants that grow in Indonesia and watched documentaries about the lives of Balinese people such as on cremation ceremony and tooth filing ceremony.

Budiman said that for the summer of 2014 the Embassy in Bern will make cooperation with Tropenhaus to hold exposition of tropical plants that can be used as medication material.

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