Bali Targeting Rp21 Billion of Foreign Employee Retribution


Bali Provincial Government targeting local income from License to Employ a Foreign Worker (IMTA) during 2014 amounted to Rp21 billion.

“Our target is Rp21 billion, but we expect more. It is reflected from the result from August to December 2013 that reached Rp15 billion,” said Head of Manpower and Transmigration of Bali Province, I GustiAgungSudarsana in Denpasar on Sunday.

He said, until now the number of foreign workers in Bali is around 1,796 that the majority work in the tourism sector. They pay IMTA fee every month at 100 U.S. dollars.

“Bali collects IMTA effectively since August 1, 2013. Indeed, the central government devolves the authority to local governments to collect IMTA per January 1, 2013, but at that time we had to complete the local regulation first,” he said.

The majority of foreign workers in Bali, he added, are Japanese, French and British as well as the rest of the 53 other countries with varying numbers.

“IMTA is relatively new regulation, so far the co-operation with companies that hire foreign workers is quite good,” he said.

Sudarsana added that although the company is quite open minded, but his side still did intensive supervision to prevent financial leakage. “On the other hand, we also face constraints from the IMTA board officers who are often forgot their authority. Since it’s relatively new, some retribution that should have gone to the regencies or city government, in fact was delivered into the province government income,” he said.

Associated with the effort to provide better service, starting from February 2014, IMTA Bali will move the service to a more representative and comfortable office.

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