Child Protection Institute Urges Govt. to Reduce Cigarette Advertisements


The Child Protection Institute (LPA) chapter of the Bali provincial city of Denpasar urged the city`s government to curtail cigarette advertisements in accordance with the implementation of the Regional Regulation No.10/2011 on “No Smoking Area.”

“Currently, numerous billboards and flat screens flash advertisements on tobacco products,” stated Titik Suhariyati, secretary to the local LPA office, here on Thursday.

Titik has major concerns about the rampant advertising of cigarettes that has led to an increase in the number of smokers. Thus, the implementation of the “No Smoking Area” regulation will not be successful.

“The grave issue we are facing here is that the school children use their snack money to buy cigarettes,” Titik remarked during the promotion of the Regional Regulation No.10/2011 on “No Smoking Area.”

On Thursday, Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra noted that the city government has taken steps to safeguard teenagers who can potentially become smokers. Denpasar Government tries to oversee teenagers who could potentially become beginner smokers to socialize the no-smoking campaign into schools.

“We also need to remind the parents of the school students about safeguarding their children from the ill-effects of smoking,” said Mayor of Denpasar, Ida Bagus Rai Mantra Dharmawijaya, on Thursday.

In the socialization of Regional Regulation No. 7 of 2013 on No Smoking Area, he said that the government does not prohibit a person to smoke.

“However, the regulation only set the place in where smoking is allowed and not,” he added. Given that rule, then it would restrict people smoking in public places, such as schools and government agencies.

“Once it becomes the rule, anyone should be willing to accept the consequences of violating it,” said Rai Dharmawijaya.

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