Denpasar Police Raids Three DJs Going To Have Drugs Party


The Drugs Unit Denpasar Police arrested three disc jockies (DJs) suspected to have drugs party, on a raid held at a villa in Jalan Kunti II, West Denpasar, on Thursday. The three DJs having initials RN (40), YD (40), and AB (32). They work in three famous discotheques in Bali.

According to Chief of Drugs Unit of  Denpasar Police, Commissioner Agus Tri Waluyo,

The former Kuta police chief added that based on the information from the local society that some DJs often have drug party at the villa.

On the raid, RN and AB were arrested first. It happened when they just arrived at the villa, officers approached their car and RN was then caught threw out a plastic contained five ecstasy off the car.

From the two suspects, the officers secured the evidence consisting of five ecstasy pills wrapped in plastic clip, 1.77 grams of crystal methamphetamine in a glass pipe, four matches, four white straws, one scissors and the car.

“The two suspects were immediately arrested. Officers were still monitoring at the area due to information that the suspect’s friends will come,” he said.

The villa was kept under surveillance and finally, YD came. When entering into the villa room, the DJ was immediately arrested. Results of the raid, a crystal methamphetamine package weighing 0.12 grams found in the front left pants pocket.

“We are still developing this case. In addition, we will also check the owner or manager of those three discotheques. If they know the suspects’ network, we will process it,” said Agus.

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