Pastika Wants to Introduce Bali Organic Food

Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, wanted to introduce organic food from Bali to other areas through the event of National Farmers Parade in Malang on January 15, 2014.

“We can send our organic agricultural products, such as organic coffee and pumpkin and do not forget to bring the Simantri (integrated farming system) fertilizer production. It is our current leading product,” he said on Friday.

Pastika appreciated positively the military plan in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture to organize the National Farmers Parade, which took place in Malang.

According to him, the event became an opportunity for Bali to take part in introducing its organic agriculture.

“Bali agricultural program is now in synergy with government programs that want to make Bali as an Organic Island,” he said.

The former Bali police chief expected that the participants sent were truly competent and they already have excellent organic products.

“Introducing organic products can also be one of our tourism commodities in Bali. Related parties please consider all of them carefully,” he said.

He also emphasized his desire to introduce Bali not only seen from its food security, but also its ability to produce healthy food.

Meanwhile, the Military Commander 163/ Wirasatya Colonel Anton Nugroho said that through such event he wants to assist the government in food security program.

“Bali participation in national level event, we also expect could increase the enthusiasm of people to visit the exhibition because the name of Bali is very famous as a tourism destination,” said Anton.

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