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6 Responses to “Francois-Jacques-Giuily”

  1. Kadek Says:

    You are a dead men.

  2. John Says:

    This is a shocking picture !!
    Seeing this poor guy who got manipulated and who is going to finish his life in jail, and at the same time this cop smiling… I just got a horrible feeling in my estomach.

  3. Eddie McCulloch Says:

    Hey, John. Where do you get the “manipulated” comment from? Is he an innocent child? They all do it for money and greed. They know the rules but when they get caught, the bleeding hearts come out and cry, what a shame.

  4. Steve Says:

    Why is this Shocking? What would have been shocking if he would have suppled your kids with this shit and they would have died from it. So IMO you do the crime you do the time what ever he gets and nobody can say that they didn’t know the laws in Bali.

  5. Yohan Says:

    I actually worked with this guy back in 1999 in Scotland (IBM). I have to tell you that unlike other people I have known back there, he is VERY naive which is primarily due to a mental condition inherited at birth. He can be very easily manipulated by anyone so this comes as a surprise to me. I hope that he gets very good lawyer to defend his case. He is just a very stupid and naive man.

  6. anonymous Says:

    Actually I do agree with last comment I also worked with him in September 2013 where he was let go Fran├žois does suffer from mental illness and should not be judges as an adult with full mental capacity

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