Frenchman Arrested in Bali for Smuggling Drugs Worth 6 Billion


Officer of the customs and excise of Ngurah Rai Airport Bali arrested a Frenchmen, Francois Jacques Giuily (48), for attempted to smuggle 3 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine.

“The suspect hid the crystal methamphetamine inside the lining of his suitcase,” said Customs and Excise Office head, Made Wijaya, on Monday.

The total value of the crystal methamphetamine brought by the suspect estimated worth 6,1 billion Rupiah with the assumption the price of the crystal methamphetamine in black market was 2 million per grams.

Wijaya explained that the arresting happened on Sunday (19/1) right after his arrival from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at 3 AM.

“He was caught when tried to pass the scanning point. Officers felt suspicious towards something inside the suspect ‘s suitcase,” he said.

On the investigation, Giuily said that he don’t know the thing inside his suitcase was drugs. He claimed that his friend told him to bring the crystal methamphetamine from Dhaka, Senegal, to Bali. He said that he was about to be paid US$4000, but just received only US$400.

Until now officers are still hold investigation towards where the drugs will be distributed.

Based on the state’s law, the suspect could face death penalty.

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  1. paul ocarroll Says:

    How many idiots are out there? Seems there is no shortage of people who assume it is “easy” to traffic drugs through Indonesia.Mr Giuily is a gonna. Bye bye.

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