Government Must Monitors “Ogoh-ogoh”


General Elections Commission (KPU) remind Hindus in Bali not to politicize “ogoh – ogoh” parade on Nyepi Day in conjunction with the 2014 election campaign season.

“We remind to separate between religion and political interests. ‘Ogoh – ogoh’ is related to the representation of cultural procession packaged in a ritual, while the election has political interests,” said Chairman of the Bali Provincial Election Commission, Dewa Kadek Wiarsa Raka Sandhi, in Denpasar, on Saturday.

He worried that the “ogoh – ogoh” parade taking place on March 30, 2014 swept away in politics stream ahead of the election.

Bali Election Commission will coordinate with related parties who have authority to ogoh-ogoh parade such as the Customary Village Main Council(MUDP) and Indonesia Hindu Dharma Association (PHDI) so that “ogoh – ogoh” paraded by Hindus people not contaminated with political interests.

Raka Sandhi admitted that he is not authorized to prohibit the ogoh-ogoh parade. “Let MUDP, PHDI, government and security forces talk about it,” he said.

Meanwhile Election Supervisory Committee encouraged the government and law enforcement officials to monitor the making of “ogoh – ogoh” done by Denpasar people before Nyepi so that it will not contaminated by political interests ahead the 2014 election campaign.

“We encourage local governments and religion institutions or customary village to be serious to conduct monitoring starts from the preparation process “pengerupukan” (usually filled with a parade of ogoh – ogoh) on March 30, 2014 because it coincides with the open campaign schedule,” said Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Denpasar, I Wayan Sudarsana, on Sunday.

According to him, the Supervisory Committee has no authority to take action against people who have the “ogoh – ogoh” parade with denoting or wearing certain attributes of a political party.

“If any people do so, they will be very unfortunate because the ogoh -ogoh is a part of artistic expression and culture,” he said.

A similar statement was expressed by the Denpasar Election Commission Chairman I Gede John Darmawa. “Do not let on the ogoh – ogoh parade there is something depicting a particular candidate campaign.

But he did not mind if the making of ogoh-ogoh is funded by certain legislator candidates. “The donation from a candidate is not a problem, but not to be a campaign event,” he said.

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