Kuta, Nusa Dua & Sanur will be Organized for Tourists


Many travelers felt that the developments in Bali were out of control, in accordance with that,  a commitment was made to organize the most strategic tourism area in Bali such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur to be better place.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Mari Elka Pangestu said that the central government conducted sustainable tourism development, with 88 National Tourism Strategic Areas (KSPN) to be developed, including Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur which will get the development priority for 2012-2104.

Mari explained that South Bali region contributed 37 % to the total national tourism. South Bali is the main entrance for foreign tourists to Indonesia.

Later in Kuta and Nusa Dua there will be beach arrangement, the development of cycling activities, as well as an integrated waste management at the beach and arrangement of signs and billboards on the road. Mari said that the key to the successful development of tourism is a shared commitment of all parties.

“Thus, there will be development of tourism which is able to maintain the quality of the environment, social values and preserve local culture and be able to provide for the welfare and happiness for the community,” said Mari.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Badung Anak Agung Gde Agung enthusiastically welcomed the discussion and the concept of KSPN Kuta – Sanur – Nusa Dua and surrounding areas. According to him KSPN need to be discussed openly by all parties.

“So the negative impacts of tourism development in Badung regency reduce, for example, land conversion is often the case, which ultimately can damage the livelihood of people in Bali,” said Anak Agung.

In a follow-up meeting with the Governor of Bali I Made Mangku Pastika and Bali Provincial Government, Mari expressed her concern about tourism in Bali. Many buildings were converted into accommodation facilities, hygiene problems in Bali, the development of tourism that put less attention to the capacity of the region, as well as billboards that are not well organized.

Governor Mangku Pastika also revealed that travel agencies and tour guides are often detrimental to travelers and Indonesia image nationally as well as in the eyes of the world. Mari Elka and Mangku Pastika feel the need for coordination on development of KSPN Kuta – Sanur – Nusa Dua.

“I believe through the tourism sector and creative economy we can build Indonesia inclusively to realize the better quality of people life,” said Mari.

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