Police Involves Scouts to Secure General Election


Buleleng Police to involve scouts to help securing the 2014 election in North Bali.

“The scouts involved are under the Bhayangkara Scouts Unit of Work,” said Buleleng Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Beny Arjanto, on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Head of Community Development Buleleng Police Assistant Commissioner Wayan Sartika urged all components of the society should support the implementation of 2014 election, including members of the scout.

“The involvement of the Saka Bhayangkara is in accordance with the Bali police chief instruction in performing specific security task,” said the Leader of Saka Bhayangkara Kwartor Buleleng Branch.

According to him, the task of Saka Bhayangkara conducted gradually and will be preceded by a briefing, both theory and practice to be able to implement it in the field.

Previously, Buleleng Police recruit Saka Bhayangkara followed by hundreds of participants from Frontline Scout Enforcement and representatives of each Saka Bhayangkara at the police sector level.

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