Russians are Getting More Interested to Visit Bali


Indonesian Ambassador for Russia, Djauhari Oratmangun, said that the Russian tourists are getting more interested to visit Bali after the implementation of APEC Summit on October 2013.

“Russians are more enthusiastic to visit Bali due to the success of APEC Summit. The event gets positive response from the Russian mass media, especially when the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin was present in coincidence with his birthday,” he said when met Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika in Denpasar, on Wednesday.

According to Djauhari, the photos related to the event became the headlines in several Russian media. It introduced Bali more to Russian community so that they really want to visit Bali.

Besides the variety of cultures and natural beauty, many Russians travel to Bali for a long time due to the weather. In winter, the temperature in Russia could reach minus 30 degree and at that time the Russians, especially the upper middle class, choose to spend their time to have vacation.

“Bali is one of their destinations. However, now the Russians’’ visit to Bali is still restricted to the absence of direct flight,” he said.

Therefore, he hoped Bali could think of it, as the number of Russian tourists visiting Bali in 2013 is about 110,000 people. “If there is a direct flight, I am sure the number will increase more,” he said.

On that occasion, Djauhari also reminded that the neighbor countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and others already have the initiative to add direct flight to Russia.

Meanwhile, Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika really appreciated the information given by Djauhari Oratmangun. Pastika also agreed if Russia is the potential market, which is promising for tourism sector in Bali.

“In average, the visiting tourists are the upper middle class and they stay for a long time. Even the luxurious hotels with expensive room rate mostly occupied by Russian tourists,” said Pastika.

“The idea of direct flight from Bali has been proposed by several other countries, whose citizens coming to Bali in a large number. However, it still needs analysis involving many related elements and also the support of facilities and infrastructure,” said Mangku Pastika.

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