Balinese Painting Export Reach Rp19,3 M

Bali managed to earn foreign exchange from exported painting worth 1.59 million U.S. dollars (Rp19.3 billion) during the ten -month period from January to October 2013, increase 17.22 percent over the same period in the previous year recorded 1.34 million U.S. dollars (Rp16.267 billion).

“However the volume fell from 86.53 percent to of 3.04 million pieces during the first ten months of 2012 to only 410,698 pieces in the same period of 2013,” said Head of Public Relations and Protocol Provincial Government of Bali, I Ketut Teneng in Denpasar, on Thursday.

The sharply declining volume showed that the work of artists that reach foreign market is getting more excellent so that it is judged more expensive by the fans overseas.

“Painting export was only officially recorded at the Department of Industry and Trade Bali Province, because the canvas works made by Balinese artists were more purchased by foreign tourists visiting Bali, as well as collection of art that is immediately brought back to their country, so it is not recorded officially,” said Ketut Teneng.

Thus, the sale of paintings in society, especially in the artist community village of Ubud and its surroundings in terms of value and volume are much larger than what is officially recorded.

Ketut Teneng added that the painting export fluctuates each year, but in average in the last five years increased by 41.4 percent.

The significant increase was due to the creative works of the painters on the island is very interesting for foreign art lovers and collectors.

Similarly, the domestic travelers spend their holiday on the island to buy the same thing, but all is difficult to monitor, given that souvenirs including a painting they can take it easily.

The painting purchased directly by tourists both local and foreigners were estimated to be worth more than the official record at the Department of Industry and Trade.

Balinese artists individually or in groups are now more frequent in holding exhibitions both locally, nationally and internationally. It is a very positive influence in marketing art works, said Ketut Teneng.

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