Natural Disasters Take Lives in Bali


Natural disasters due to extreme weather such as heavy rain and strong winds hit Bali in recent days, caused losses and injuries in several locations on the island.

Heavy rain and strong winds occurred evenly in eight regencies and one city caused landslides, fallen trees and flood in some locations.

In Buleleng regency, North area of Bali, the disaster claimed at least four lives. The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Buleleng found the body of Made Ayu Padmini (18), in a rice field in Bebetin Village, Sawan District.

The teenage girl was swept away when she passes through a river bridge, but then the bridge collapsed after heavy rain on Thursday.

Head of BPBD Buleleng Putu Dana mentioned that Made Ayu Budiutami (13) also died at her home in Lokapaksa village, Seririt District, when the outer wall collapsed, while her parents Putu Kasta Ariawan and Komang Warni badly injured.

Meanwhile, Putu Wijaya and Sukarman died because their car could not be controlled during heavy rain and it plunged into a ravine in Tajun village, Kubutambahan District.

In addition to the four died victims and injuries, floods and landslides in the Northern coastal area of the island also led to dozens of homes and other buildings left damaged.

Vice Regent of Buleleng Nyoman Sutjidra provided compensation amounting to Rp3 million to each of the four heirs of the victims. He warned residents to be wary of flood and landslide due to high rain fall.

In addition, people living in disaster-prone areas are expected to be temporarily evacuated. A total of 19 families accommodated in tents in front of Cengkede Temple, Galungan Village.

While and in Tabanan one person died because of a falling tree. The natural disaster caused Ni Made Mentri (55), owner of stall selling food and drinks died because of a falling tree in the courtyard of Pura Beji, Mojan Hamlet, Mekar Village, Tabanan Regency.

The unfortunate event happened on Thursday (23/1) night, coincidentally at the temple there was a ritual activity and the victim selling food and beverages. The victim named Ni Made Mentri was died at the scene as she could not escape when ten meters tall palm tree uprooted during a heavy rain and strong winds in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, two buyers who were there at the stall, Wayan Alit Dursana (20) and Wayan Noviani (18), suffered injuries and were quickly brought to Tabanan hospital.

The heavy rain also caused landslides that cut the transportation lines connecting Mengesta village with Wangaya Gede village in Penebel District, Tabanan Regency.

The landslide materials covered the village road along 35 meters with a height of two meters so it cannot be passed by any vehicles.

The Head of Department of Public Works Tabanan, I Gusti Ngurah Anom Antara said that his side has deployed officers to clear the landslide material so the road could be passed.

Similarly the cliff wall that collapsed due to heavy rain destroyed Elementary School SDN 1 Jatiluwih, Penebel District, fortunately there was no victim.

The cliff wall was built by Tabanan regency government with the fund of Rp90 million, including the fence of SDN 1 Jatiluwih. The landslide had made a 45 hectares of rice fields owned by members of Subak Gunung Sari get damaged, covered by soil.

Due to heavy rain and strong winds that hit Bali, it made a number of fishermen in Yeh Gangga beach, Tabanan, Bali, unable to go to the sea.

About 80 fishermen in Yeh Gangga Beach converted themselves as farm laborers, construction workers, or farmers to meet their daily needs.

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