Pastika Expecting Regencies to Apply Online Hotel and Restaurant Tax


Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, expected the regencies/ city government immediately apply the online hotel and restaurant tax (PHR) collection to reduce regional revenue leakage.

“Like it or not, we should intervene this PHR issue to increase local revenues, which can be used for the welfare of the people,” he said in Denpasar, on Friday.

According to him, during the development of tourism in Bali, it runs so rapidly and at the same time has also given its load. “The online PHR is a potential way to reduce the possibility of leakage of revenue,” he said.

Citing the data from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali Province, the number of poor people on the island until September 2013 reached 186 thousand people (4.49 percent). The amount was up by 24 thousand people or 0.54 percent compared to the number of poor people in March 2013, which were 162 thousand people (3.95 percent).

Pastika added that if the local income is greater, one of them is through online PHR, more budgets can be allocated for poverty alleviation.

“The budget for decreasing poverty has increased sharply, in 2008 only amounted to Rp80 billion to Rp637 billion this year. Moreover, poverty reduction if handled by regencies/ city governments it would have finished sooner,” he said.

He cited the program such as the Integrated Village Development (Gerbangsadu) launched since 2012 to accelerated poverty reduction. Moreover, villages in Bali were also supported with supporting agricultural programs, PNPM Mandiri, education, job training, house renovation and Integrated Farming Systems (Simantri).

On the other hand, Pastika also asked the structural officials to be active thinking of solutions to control the population growth that is currently increasing.

“Spatial arrangement is also needed for controlling new hotels in the region of southern Bali, which is now too much, but it’s lack of services, given the limited supporting capacity of Bali,” he said.

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