Public Order Agency Dismantles Billboard Distracting Flights



Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) in Badung regency, Bali, cleaned up billboards in east side of Ngurah Rai International Airport because it’s interfered flights.

“The dismantling will be made after BPPT (Agency for Integrated Licensing Service) recommends that the billboards do not have permission,” said the Head of municipal police of Badung Regency, I Ketut Martha, in Mangupura, on Wednesday.

Not only around the airport, but to curb all illegal billboards disturbing aesthetic value in Badung Regency.

In addition, Badung municipal police will also re-collect the data of number of billboards and ads in Badung Regency to detect the number of licensed billboards and the ones that have expired.

For convenience and ease of tracking, it is planned to call advertising company to determine each company advertising in the richest regency in the island.

Meanwhile, the installation of billboards associated with political parties and legislative candidates, they don’t have the authority to crack them down before any recommendation from the Supervisory Committee and the National Election Commission (KPU) of Badung regency.

“We acknowledged that violations of the installation of billboards and flags of political parties, but we will not do any demolition before there is recommendation from the Supervisory Committee and the Commission,” he said.

Thus, as long as no recommendation from related parties, the municipal police have no authority to dismantle the billboards.

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